Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Valentine Thoughts

Just got a note from the person who sends out a community newsletter for the school - asking for articles. seems like the perfect time to have pictures and sentiments from our all-school write included. I took the Valentines down today and typed up some of the more original sentiments and am including them in this post:

Meeting you was fate,
Becoming your friend was a choice,
Falling in love with you was
Way beyond my control!
            -M. Yang

Let love embrace you…
            -Annie Carey

To love and be loved is everything!

Love is when you give your heart and soul to someone in hopes that they’ll return it.

If you have any tears to cry,
I will be there by your side.
When you’re sad and feeling blue,
I will be there to care for you.
If you’re scared and all alone,
I will kiss away your fears.
When you need someone to love you,
I will be here.
            -Karen Lee

Trust is the way of creating love.

Love is the closest thing we’ve got to magic. When we see the details, we start to see what really matters. There’s regrets and forgets, hearts and desires. You can’t WANT something to be yours. You have to KNOW it truly is. Missing someone is painful; losing someone hurts. Knowing you can’t do anything to change it is a living nightmare.
            -Sydney Yang

Everyone says that LOVE hurts, but that’s not true.
Everyone confuses these conditions with love, but in reality, LOVE is the only thing in the world that covers up all of the pain and makes us feel wonderful again.
            -Sheng Vang

Love is an uncontrollable passion that weakens even the strongest walk.

Love hurts!
Dislike it!

Love has a 1/1,369 chance on Match.com

Love is a strong word that you want to use carefully.

Love sucks and makes people do stupid things.

Love is a crime that makes everyone blind.

Love is good while it lasts, but you have to burn it at the end.

Love is unconditionally, blind and dangerous.

Love has a 14% chance on ABC’s The Bachelor.

Love sucks:
It kills,
It hurts,
It burns,
It is the worst thing ever
It will always pain you…

Never leave the one you love for the one you like
Because the one you like
Might leave you for the one they love.


True friendship is no fistfights or hurting,
Not here one day, gone the next.
In friendship,
Everything is better for those
With the ability to love and hate,
Make war, then peace;
To dream and hope and always
Be by their friend’s side,
Never leaving.
            -L. Cody Jackson

Friendship is helping one another through thick and thin.
It’s something you need to survive reality
when you’re at your worst.

Friends are like stars.
You don’t always see them,
But you know they are there.

Best friends are people who know your whole life story and your flaws yet, they still love you.

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