Thursday, September 30, 2010

Creating a Space - Moving Forward

Today I brought materials from Office Max to create a writing ambiance in The Write Place - or at least a writing atmosphere. The paper clips, clip boards, note pads and writing utensils that seemed like so much at home look very meager at this point (see photos) - I have a long way to go! I asked for a round table for conferring - and got one, but I forgot to say, "small round table." It's huge! Everyone's been so nice and accommodating that I hate to complain. I've also asked for chairs and computers but so far, no luck in that area. I would like to create a warm, comfortable atmosphere that is inviting to students, yet inspiring to writers, as a place to come and really block out the rest of their day. I think lamps and more comfortable chairs would really help, and I'm not sure where those are coming from - yet. I have room for a few posters...but am not sure where to get them, so could use ideas.

My major task at the moment is to create an all-school writing task for next week. On October 6, I will offer a prompt to staff and students along with colored notecards. My motives for the prompt are to recognize Washington as a writing school and to begin to build a writing community here. I'm  looking for a response in 50 words or less. From the responses, along with the newspaper staff, I will choose 5-10 responses (depending on length) to be in the first edition of the newspaper. I'm also planning to give prizes to the first 20 responses received. I'm not sure what the prizes will be, but I want them to be connected to writing, so I will be revisiting Office Max, I think.

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