Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Room for Improvement

I'm trying to decide what this room should eventually look like...I'm located inside the media center that has several computer labs on its, how many computers do I actually need? How often will individual students come here for support? This year I won't have student tutors before second semester, if at all. I've been told that since the school is so large, it may not be practical for teachers to send students to the writing center during class time - especially 7th and 8th graders. I wonder about that. There are spaces on each floor that would work for conferencing purposes and I or tutors could meet with students right outside classrooms.

So, what should this room look like? I'm also not sure what options I have. After talking with the technology person in charge of the building, I get the distinct impression that this room was not on anyone's, I guess I can come up with a wish list, turn it in to the principal and go from there. I'm basing my ideas on floor plans in The High School Writing Center edited by Pam Farrell (1989). Despite the copyright date, I'm told this is still the best book out on establishing writing centers.

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